Akdağ Yalıtım A.Ş.

Akdağ Integrated Rockwool facility, which produces on a closed area of 25,000 m² on an area of 90,000 m ² in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone, is the first and only facility in the region in aspects.

Established with Industry 4.0 Smart Factory technology, the plant is environmentally friendly and produces flawlessly with zero waste.

The plant, which started production in 2021, has the largest ROCK WOOL production capacity in the region with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of ROCK WOOL in the first place.

Maintaining its investments with the goal of 40.000 m² closed area and annual 100.000 tons production capacity with the second and third stage additional investments to be made progressively, Akdağ Group aims to meet a significant part of the PRODUCTION volume in our country as a ROCK WOOL INTEGRATED PRODUCTION FACILITY from this facility.

Meet an environmentally friendly and
high-tech production system in every aspect.

Built with Industry 4.0 architecture and built with the ``Smart factory`` system, the facility has been designed with a zero waste target.

With a sustainable and clean transformation system, all wastes are transformed back into production and a production model that is friendly to nature, respectful to human and environment is created by reducing carbon footprint below international standards.

The plant, which produces its own electricity and auxiliary raw materials, also has a laboratory that works like an R&D base.

Akdağ Rockwool Integrated Facility aims to contribute to the qualified workforce by working in cooperation with professional organizations and universities thanks to the facilities such as conference hall where continuous training and information of the supplier and practitioner interlocutors will be provided.

As a result of its rigorous feasibility studies, AKDAĞ Group has decided to invest in the field of ROCK WOOL INSULATION as it reduces the energy needs of vital areas and provides extremely important building security, taking into account the rapidly rising energy consumption , energy needs and energy efficiency expenditures in our country and in the world.

In terms of our country, the investment in question is of strategic importance as it prevents the import of raw materials used in alternative insulation facilities and the reduction of energy dependence on the outside.