Success is a team work and
it is undoubtedly that each individual of that team will have a share in the success put forward.

Our HR Resources Policy

Our HR Resources Policy is to become a company that maintains
its leading position in the Turkish industry by increasing its capacity,
meets the expectations of its stakeholders, values employees,
is open to change, is a global company that is open to change,
and uses its resources efficiently, is sensitive to the environment,
occupational health and safety, adapts its quality standards,
constantly improves its technology, embraces employee creativity,
and efficiently employs human resources.

It is the objective of our Human Resources Policy to plan, select,
recruit, assign to service units, develop human resources
that will ensure the effective and efficient execution of the works
in our company, to make plans to determine and meet the training needs,
to implement, to determine the competencies, to perform performance
management and career planning studies in accordance with scientific methods.

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    Our Key Principles

    • To establish and implement the system related to the determination, selection and recruitment of the qualifications of the human resources that will enable our company to carry out its activities effectively and efficiently,

    • To identify and implement training programs aimed at gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors required to ensure that our personnel are not left behind from all kinds of developments and changes in the nature of their work, to increase their job satisfaction, and to ensure that they are more successful in the business environment and to evaluate the results for the benefit of the company,

    • To develop a performance management system that will enable the personnel to see the results of their own work, in a sense, their outputs and evaluate the results of their individual success,

    • To create and realize a career management system that ensures the continuous development of the personnel within the organization, prepares itself for the responsibilities above the position, and evaluates our employees at all levels willing to take responsibility in the most effective way,

    • To develop systems that will encourage success and creativity by providing working conditions suitable for the quality of the service carried out, in this context; to produce ideas that will provide innovation by utilizing the creativity of all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, society), transforming them into new products, services, processes, systems and social interactions, to create ideas that will add value to the organization, employees and other stakeholders, to mobilize the potential of doing and being useful in people, to make their knowledge and experience useful for the benefit of the company and employees, to increase the participation of all employees in company activities with creative and innovative self-thoughts and to ensure that creative ideas are implemented in the most effective way.

    • To collect information about the scope of the works performed in the institution, human resource requirement and working conditions and to make business analyzes to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions,

    • To direct the applications to be made by taking the opinions of the employees through surveys and similar means,

    • To ensure the formation of “Corporate Culture and Consciousness” by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel, • To create a sense of sustainability in employees in order to meet today’s needs in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations. To disseminate awareness that will determine its goals by evaluating its environmental and socio-economic dimensions in order to create value in the long term, rather than focusing only on short-term solutions when planning its strategies.

    • Occupational Health and Safety; to be respectful to people and the environment by focusing on ensuring occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment in our activities, to develop systems to prevent occupational accidents, to increase cooperation with neighbouring facilities, competent authorities and local administrations in order to increase the performance of the Health-Safety-Environment, to prioritize the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental factor in our projects, to structure in a way that can intervene in emergencies, to be transparent to our stakeholders in our applications.