As Akdağ Yalıtım A.Ş. our focus is to continuously improve our quality in the production and sales of insulation products and to meet customer demands at the highest level.

We see all feedback from our customers as a valuable tool for evaluating and improving our quality. In the route we have drawn to reach the target, we strive to

  • Meet the customer expectations,
  • Ensure the requirements of national and international standards,
  • Meet the requirements of legal legislation,
  • Leave a clean world to the future

We maintain a close relationship with all our stakeholders within our ethical values and codes of conduct. With an effective supplier development program, we ensure that we consistently receive a high level of service and products.

We believe that delivering the right amount of quality products on time and in the right amount can be achieved with effective communication and a proper planning methodology, both externally and internally.

We use a R&D center and our laboratories with the most advanced technology to meet technological developments and new customer demands at the highest level.

We apply our motto “Excellent product, excellent production” moulded by rules and procedures that help keep our employees, visitors and society safe.

We organize Management Review meetings annually to evaluate the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and revise them when necessary.