Akdağ Mineral Stonewool

Decorative Mineral Plaster S-500


Product Description

It is a white cement-based, single-component, polymer-added, water-repellent, topcoat material utilized on the exterior wall and thermal insulation system plaster of buildings.

Usage Areas

  • Residences, shopping malls and hospitals,
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications,
  • On all kinds of mineral surfaces,
  • As a decorative coating on exterior thermal insulation systems,It is utilized as a decorative coating on exposed concrete, indoors and outdoors.

Features and Advantages

  • It is easy to apply and shape.
  • It shows high resistance against all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • It is weather resistant and water repellent. It prevents the accumulation of moisture.
  • It fixes surface defects.
  • It is long-lasting, does not burn and does not swell.
  • It creates a homogeneous decorative image after application.
  • Thanks to its texture, the plaster covers the steel trowel marks on the surface.
  • It has vapor permeability.
  • It can be painted with exterior paints.