Akdağ Mineral Stonewool

Jacketing Net


Product Features

It is produced to prevent plaster or putty cracks or to remove the cracks that have formed and to provide the elasticity of the insulation plaster in exterior sheathing and prevent cracking and woven from high quality glass yarn and it has been made more resistant to outdoor conditions thanks to its ideal 160 gr/m² 4×4 eye opening and special coating.

Usage Areas

  • In thermal insulation and jacketing applications on interior and exterior facades,
  • In repair plasters to be made on existing cracks,
  • In the prevention of possible cracks caused by the stresses at the joints of the bearing elements in the buildings,
  • In the application of cement- bound , plastic-added elastic waterproofing materials,
  • In plaster applications on gypsum and gas concrete blocks,
    Reinforcement of cement, gypsum and acrylic based putty plasters,
  • Reinforcing epoxy floor coatings,