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A facility to meet 25 percent of Turkey’s rockwool needs is established in Elazığ

Meeting 25 percent of Turkey’s rockwool needs and employ 200 people, Integrated Production Facility will be established in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone and will be put into service next year.

The launch meeting of ‘Rock Wool Integrated Production Facility’, which will make Elazığ the ‘Isolation Base’ of the region, was held. The launch meeting held in the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Conference Hall started with the introduction of the facility. It was stated that the facility, which is planned to start operating in the second half of 2020 and will be built within a closed area of 25 thousand square meters on 90 thousand square meters of land in the OIZ, will have the characteristics of being the first and only facility in the region in many ways.

Stating that there is a facility work in the insulation sector that will appeal to 25 percent of Turkey by using 100% natural and raw materials of Elazığ, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım said, “They will make a good investment without polluting both smart building and zero waste environment. Above all, this investment will employ 200 people. Although full automation is zero in the industry, they will provide employment. I reckon the most valuable thing is that they have established an R&D center in it. The great need of Elazığ is not only to produce an existing insulation material, but they also expressed it themselves, which is now used in other sectors. They will make new products out of this. New product ranges will emerge and they will bring a different horizon and added value in Turkey. “

“40 thousand tons of rock wool will be made annually”

Apprising information related to the facility, Muhammet Akdağ, General Manager of the factory, said, “We will commission the factory of our rock wool plant to be obtained from mineral rocks in our facility, which will be operational in the second half of 2020. Our facility, where 40 thousand tons of rock wool will be made annually, will provide employment to 200 people in total. With our investments in the second and third fields, we are creating an infrastructure that can meet 100 thousand tons of rockwool production and 25 percent of the rockwool needs in Turkey alone. With a structure that will produce its own electricity in our facility and a strong R&D department that will produce auxiliary raw materials and processes, we aim to install with a smart factory industry 4.0 model that constantly develops and renews itself with control laboratories. Together with the building construction and machine installation, we will put our facility into operation in September 2020 and offer it to the service of the region. We take pride in being the largest facility in the region with an investment of this capacity. We will contribute to and support the increasing insulation awareness in recent years with the production of rock wool in our facility. “

Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, Fırat University Kudbettin Demirbağ, OSB President Suat Öztürk, businessmen, institution managers and many guests participated in the launch.

Source: Habertürk