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Giant Investment from Akdağ Group

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Operating in the fields of mining, marble and synthetic production in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone, Akdağ Group of Companies has established the largest integrated rockwool production factory in the region by adding another new one to its investments. The factory, which will meet 25 percent of Turkey’s insulation rockwool needs, will be operational in 2020. The factory will employ 200 people directly and 600 people indirectly.

Akdağ Group of Companies, which has made significant contributions to Elazığ, its region and the country’s economy with its enterprises and investments, is implementing one of the biggest industrial investments in its region despite the economic recession.

Akdağ Family, which started preparations to implement the largest rockwool integrated production facility of the region that will make Elazığ the insulation base of the region, laid the foundations of the facility to be built with a production model that is friendly to nature, respectful to human and environment, zero waste targeting production model where all wastes are transformed back into production with a sustainable and clean transformation system.

 The Integrated Rockwool facility, which will be built on a closed area of 25,000 m² on a land of 90,000 m ² in Elazığ OIZ, will be the first and only facility in the region in aspects.

The facility, which is planned to start operating in the second half of 2020, will employ 200 people directly and 600 people indirectly.


The introductory meeting of the rockwool production facility, which will be established by Akdağ Group of Companies with full equity, was held in the conference hall of Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone. Elazığ Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, former Minister of State Ahmet Cemil Tunç, Elazığ OIZ President Suat Öztürk, institution managers, non-governmental organization presidents, Elazığ Press and Media Association President Nafiz Koca and a large number of business people attended the meeting.


Speaking at the opening of the launch meeting, Akdağ Group of Companies Chairman Muhammet Ali Akdağ provided information about his new investments.

Akdağ spoke as follows:  “Akdağ Group, which plays a leading role with investments and projects for the needs of the region, was founded in 1988 in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone with its entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit.

Akdağ Group has developed its activities in the Polypropylene Synthetic Sack sector in a short time and added investments in marble and mining fields and turned it into a complex Group of Companies.

Akdağ Synthetic

Founded in 1988, Akdağ Synthetic Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone was founded with bold steps in the period when investors and entrepreneurs were scarce, and became the first facility of the region and the first facility of Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone in terms of production.

Akdağ Marble

Akdağ Marble, the rising star of the Turkish natural rock, was established in 2005 on a total area of 20,000 m2, 10,000 m2 of which was closed in Elazığ OIZ.

Raw block marbles with a unique color and pattern group obtained from the quarries of the company in different regions of our country are processed in the Integrated marble factory with a large machine park in Elazığ OIZ. Produced Dimensional and Block Marble products are marketed all over the country and exported continuously to 5 continents and 50 different countries.

Akdağ Marble products are in the hands of famous architects in Turkey and in the world, in the most exclusive and prestigious places with all their glory.

Aksa Marble

The group company Aksa Marble, which was established in 2008, was established to carry out Marble Quarry and Mining activities.

Almost all of the products coming out of the quarries with unique marble reserves are exported.

Innova Marble

Innova Marble, a group company established in 2011, was established mainly to operate in the foreign market and to offer all products of the group companies to the foreign market.

It has already become one of the strongest export companies in the region, exporting to a total of 50 countries on 5 continents.

AKBAŞ Mining

Akbaş Mining, a group company established in 2008, exports mines obtained from high grade and efficient reserves to the overseas market.

Akbaş Mining, which makes significant contributions to the economy of our country and province with its export capacity, is among the leading brands in its sector.


Akdağ Group, which is one of the pioneers of change in its region, makes the best use of its wide network of services, information and cooperation in achieving its goals.

Akdağ Group continues to make strategic investments by meticulously examining the cooperation and investment opportunities it believes will be beneficial to the regional economy with the vision of being a national player who determines and discovers the standards.

As a result of its rigorous feasibility studies, AKDAĞ Group has decided to invest in the field of ROCK WOOL INSULATION as it reduces the energy needs of vital areas and provides extremely important building security, taking into account the rapidly rising energy consumption , energy needs and energy efficiency expenditures in our country and in the world.

In terms of our country, the investment in question is of strategic importance as it prevents the import of raw materials used in alternative insulation facilities and the reduction of energy dependence on the outside.


The Integrated Rockwool facility, which will be built on a closed area of 25,000 m² on a land of 90,000 m ² in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone, will have the characteristics of being the first and only facility in the region in aspects.

The plant, which is planned to start operating in the second half of 2020, will have the largest rock wool production capacity in the region with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of rock wool in the first place.

With the second and third stage additional investments to be made progressively, the facility is planned to reach 40.000 m ² closed area and annual 100.000 tons production capacity. Thus, as a rock wool integrated production facility, a significant part of the production volume in our country is planned to be met from this facility. Built with Industry 4.0 architecture and built with the “Smart factory” system, the facility has been designed with a zero waste target. With a sustainable and clean transformation system, all wastes will be transformed back into production and a production model that is friendly to nature, respectful to human and environment will be created by reducing carbon footprint below international standards.

In the facility that will produce its own electricity and auxiliary raw materials, it plans an infrastructure that can be worked in cooperation with professional organizations and universities thanks to the facilities such as laboratory that will also be an R&D base, and the conference hall where continuous training and information of the supplier and practitioner interlocutors will be provided.


Speaking at the launch meeting, Elazığ Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım thanked the Akdağ Family for bringing this investment to Elazığ.

Emphasizing that Elazığ has developed and developed with such investments, Governor Kaldırım said, “I hope that such an investment, which is a work of Hacı Sait Akdağ and will make a great contribution to the development and development of Elazığ on behalf of our country, will bring benefits to our province, region and country. I congratulate this distinguished family on their investments. Of course, the Akdağ group has a proud history. In the 1960s, Hacı Said Bey was really a plane tree that he built by labouring, pouring sweat on his forehead and putting rocks on top of rocks. It is a precious plane tree. The Akdağ family is really one of the proud families of Elazığ. I congratulate them on that. Hopefully, they will employ 200 people when the factory is completed. They will open new horizons, new areas and become one of the leading sectors especially in the insulation sector in Turkey. The 25 percent market in Turkey is a really big market. I hope Elazığ will be proud of this market. I congratulate them in this regard. I would like to congratulate the great entrepreneurs who have contributed, contributed, really set their goals in terms of the development and growth of Elazığ and the production of added value. I hope our Elazığ will achieve these goals. In addition to its human-centered quality, it will become a production-centered city that reveals the added value of production quality.”


In his speech at the meeting, Ahmet Cemil Tunç, the former Minister of State, wishing that the new investment would bring benefits to Elazığ and the country’s economy, said, “This investment was Mr. Said’s dream. His dream was to make production, to build a factory. My God has granted this. That is to say, a person cannot achieve anything that he/she does not dream of. Said Bey fulfilled his dream. May Allah bless his soul. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all investors. The Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone will be further developed. Turkey will come to the point it deserves in terms of production and industry. “


In his speech, Suat Öztürk, President of Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone, said: “The Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone has made serious progress especially in the last 10 years. At the point reached today, the foundations of an investment that is seriously costly for a local investor friend and needs of the country have been laid today. We have allocated its land. They are in the construction phase. They started to work on the land. If the Akdağ family makes their third investment here today, it is because of their love for Elazığ. With such investments, Elazığ has become a center for building chemicals. Recently, there have been significant investments in the organized industrial zone. Our aim is to attract more investors here. “


While Elazığ Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları and member of parliaments did not attend the launch meeting, Elazığ Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Asilhan Arslan was found to have attended the meeting late due to the intensity of her work.

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